A Message From Holly
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I was raised in Northwest Georgia. I love my home. Sure, it can be tough and we often get overlooked, but our roots are here and there’s a sense of comfort. You can call it southern charm, but I think mostly it’s just good honest people looking out for one another.

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I know we have to get our folks back to work in this District. Yes, we are in the middle of a global pandemic that has thrown a wrench in the job market, but we were bleeding jobs and small businesses before the pandemic.

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Nationwide Broadband

One reason rural America is falling behind is due the lack of access to affordable high-speed internet. How can we expect our young folks to compete with the growing number of kids all around the world who are participating in a competitive global ecosystem without access to the internet?

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Rural Healthcare

It’s time we address the continued decline of rural healthcare in America. I have personally witnessed as many of our rural hospitals have closed over the last several decades.

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