The Issues

  • Every county in GA-14 has a percentage of the population that lacks access to broadband.


  • More than 64,000 of GA-14's population are veterans - yet we only have on VA hospital in district and no Veteran cemeteries.


  • Northwest Georgia is disconnected and isolated from neighboring communities because of a lack of transit.


  • Nearly three-quarters of GA-14 is considered a childcare desert. Childcare deserts are debilitating to local economies and keep women out of the workforce.


  • We lack storm sirens where they are desperately needed. There are only 4 storm sirens in our district.

The Plan

  • Invest in broadband infrastructure so that 100% of rural communities have access to the internet.

  • Work across the aisle to increase VA Hospitals in rural communities.

  • Build local, state, and federal support for a Veterans cemetery in GA-14.

  • Work with state and local government to establish a municipal broadband system.

  • Increase funding for Amtrak to enable rural corridor expansions.

  • Support a new Amtrak route from Atlanta to Nashville with a stop in Dalton, GA.

  • Work to establish a national preschool program.

  • Support a childcare tax credit for low income families.

  • Pass the Childcare is Infrastructure Act.

  • Invest in 21st century rural storm warning systems.

  • Work to build climate resilient infrastructure to protect against increased storm intensity and flooding.

  • Support the American Jobs Plan.